No worries. No hassles. Just ice.

Your finest creations require ice

People have evolved to enjoy colder drinks. We derive more pleasure from a cold drink than a warm one. Ice helps us create those cold drinks. To ensure your guests get the most enjoyment from your signature creations, make sure you always have enough ice!

We repair and maintain ice machines.

You won’t have to worry about your ice machine breaking down. Jags Ice inspects, services and maintains your ice machines so they keep running smoothly all year long.

We have experienced technicians.

Jags Ice has 22 years of experience servicing ice machines. We know how important it is to your customers to have ice and getting your ice machine repaired correctly the first time minimizes downtime and keeps your customers happy and refreshed.

Great Customer Support & Quality Service

Customer Support is on call to help you with any ice machine issues. We back our support team with a crew of expert technicians on-hand to fix ice machine problems if they arise.

We provide preventive maintenance twice a year which includes condenser and evaporator cleanings, machine sanitizing, and water filter replacements.

No ice? Contact us today.

Email: info@jagsice.com

Phone: (513) 440-6362